Mind ya business

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We (B is for Black Girl) welcome open dialogue with diverse groups about identity, Blackness and our Black culture. However there are many instances when we're discussing topics/experiences about "us", for us/by us and among us where outside (non-Black) opinion, ESPECIALLY opposing opinion is not appropriate, warranted nor welcome. And to that we simply like to say "Mind your non-Black business".
SN: Instagrammers have a habit of getting beside themselves in our comments, and this is one of our favorite ways to end our response after we school them.

So if you have ever found yourself in a situation where this response is needed then this t-shirt is for you. If you've never been actually been in a situation but you just want to give folks a heads up just in case they consider trying you, then this shirt is for you.

(this is a unisex pre-shrunk t-shirt)