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B is for Black Girl

This book is a beautiful representation of black culture as it pertains to women ! It’s so important for young African-American girls to see themselves as beautiful and know their culture when mainstream society ignores their beauty and takes credit for their culture. Such a positive, fun, and visually appealing book! I recommend for young children, parents, and even young adults everywhere! Two Thumbs Up 👍🏾👍🏾
Real Tears

I bought this book to give to my 4 month old niece. While reading it I smiled and laughed. The collaboration of the intentional words and the purposeful illustrations literally brought me to tears. To know that I will be able to read this book to my niece and empower her at such a young age is priceless.
Love this book

I love this book it’s going to teach my young queen so much about herself ❤️
Wow! Amazing!

I absolutely love this book. As a mom of a one week old daughter, i understand the importance of my baby girl seeing black women represented positively. So i wanted to get a jump start on this! B is for Black Girl is the perfect introduction for my young love!
Yassss queens yassss

This book is everything for little black girls. I love the illustration and culture references. I also love the diversity of blackness. It is very inclusive and I’m always here for supporting black women. Can’t wait to receive my hard copy
Must read

We love this book I purchase e-book while the printed book is in the making.... and honesyyyyy my daughter love it. You are learning about black descendants the culture and the book is diversified for all race and cultures. This is a book showing pages and words little girls use every single day just now realizing how to read words they use verbally everyday.
tiph and sky
Needed to see US!

Not only is this hella dope - but the illustrations are gorgeous. Thank you for making something for my black babies to fall in love with.
gentilly krissy
Love Love Love

I love this book!! It is amazing and I can’t wait to show everyone!