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Foster Youth & Homelessness Resources


Offering information and possible emergency assistance and devices to California foster youth and students experiencing homelessness. If you are a foster youth in need or know a young person in need, you can reach them at support@ifoster.org.

Schoolhouse Connection

This guide, created for people working in capacities that serve foster and homeless youth, offers tips for supporting students during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Dougy Center

Forced isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic means that kids and teens in foster care are experiencing even greater loss and disconnection. Here’s a guide for how educators, social workers and other adults who serve kids in foster care can help.

Together We Rise

Helping foster and homeless youth with housing, groceries, and utilities. (Note: Must first fill out form to identify your specifics needs)

Supporting Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness during the COVID-19 Outbreak: Questions to Consider

(March 16, 2020)