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Academic Resources

 At Home Learning Resources



Khan Academy

Comprehensive video-based curriculum that covers math, science, reading, social studies and SAT prep from PreK through college in 40 languages.


Thousands of PreK through 5th grade worksheets and activities, designed by educators.


Short animated videos that explain difficult concepts in simple, kid-friendly terms. Topics include science, social studies, English, math, arts, music, health, and technology. (Also in Spanish.)

Learning Heroes

A tool that gives parents an accurate picture of their child’s learning needs along with concrete actions and curated learning resources. (Also in Spanish.)

PBS for Parents

Media, activities and articles that support learning for kids ages 2-8.

National Geographic

Learning activities, games and lessons in social studies, geography, science, and more for kids in grades K-12.


Live video classes for kids ages 3-18 with real teachers on academic and enrichment subjects with a twist of creativity and fun. (Currently offering a limited number of free classes to families experiencing school closure.)

Zearn (math)

K-5 math program with 400 hours of digital lessons with on-screen teachers and supportive remediation. Now available free.


Fee-based academic curriculum is currently offering ready-made learning plans for each grade level.


Meaningful civic learning through games, activities, a weekly planner, and tips.

Girls Who Code

Every week they offer a free new educational computer science activity, some online, some offline.


This spatial-temporal approach to math teaches K-8 math concepts visually through games and puzzles. (Note: This is free through June 30, 2020.)